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Our maxim

Both Dunstan Music and our service Dunstan Media House based on the ideal value for successful cooperation between artists and companies. We understand the artist side from our own experience and combine this with professional management. For us, there has always been a crucial maxim: quality, fairness, and trust! On this basis, every project can be successful.

Online- and social media marketing

The know-how of our management agency, record label, and music publishing management is an essential cornerstone of our work. Working with our company offers a decisive advantage for our service Dunstan Media House: We have years of experience in the music industry combined with professional expertise in online and social media marketing finally make it possible to reconcile these two dynamic industries. Through our passion for music and the knowledge of the chances of success through successful marketing, we like to work together with newcomers as well as international stars.

Publishing services

Our publishing service supports music publishers, artists, and other companies in administration, as well as helping with new business opportunities and sync. Among other things, we provide services concerning royalties and license management, PRO-administration and support concerning other international collecting societies, as well as marketing solutions in the B2B and sync area.


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